Why TrailMix 2.1 is Major

Sometimes, little changes with a v2.1. TrailMix is different because our 2.1 release brings an incredible new feature that’s worth being an app on its own.

With the Pace Playlist feature added in 2.1, TrailMix now combines the best of both worlds: playlist creation and live tempo adjustment. Using a Pace Playlist, you can make a playlist simply by selecting a speed. The app automatically finds songs at or near the pace you’ve selected.

Our live tempo adjustment feature has garnered rave reviews, allowing the song to seamlessly match your pace even as you speed up or slow down.

Combining this feature with automatic playlist creation is a runner’s dream come true. Whether you’ve fiddled with trying to load BPM metadata into songs yourself, or you’ve just imagined running in sync with the music, then you know how great of an idea this is.

Making a playlist of songs that match your pace sounds great, but other apps struggle to deliver both speed and accuracy.

With version 2.1 a new scanning engine deliver speeds of over 100 songs per minute, even on the slowest of supported devices. And the accuracy of our custom BPM detection engine is second to none, scanning any song with no network connection required.

Because the groundwork for this feature was laid with version 2.0, this great new feature is tested and ready to go already. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

One thought on “Why TrailMix 2.1 is Major

  1. Victoria S Davis

    Will this app work with Apple Watch? Can it use your logged walking steps to create a genius playlist that can be synced/created on your iPhone, then sync the playlist to your computer, then phone, then Apple Watch so only the watch and AirPods need to be used to play the newly created music playlist from the watch
    when walking/exercising?


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