TrailMix Privacy Policy

The TrailMix application for iOS does not collect any personally identifying information from our users. However, the application may collect non-personally identifying information (i.e. anonymous usage statistics) such as the application version number. This anonymous usage data may be stored and analyzed on a third-party server operated by one or multiple analytics providers. The information may also be shared with analytics providers for the purposes of anonymous data aggregation. However, the information will not be shared with any other parties under any circumstances, except as necessary to comply with international and US law.

In plain English: Along with many other apps and games these days, TrailMix tracks your usage anonymously in order to allow us to make the app better. For example, by improving the features that people use the most. However, it’s automatic with no way to opt out [a standard practice to avoid skewed data].

In addition, the free version of TrailMix links with advertiser support information, allowing our Facebook Preferred Measurement Partner to track and measure acquisition campaign performance.

In plain English: When you download and run the free version for the first time, it checks with Facebook to see if you downloaded the app in response to an ad, or if the download was organic. You can opt out using the advertiser settings on your device.