TrailMix 2.0 Update

Fasten your laces, TrailMix 2.0 is about to hit the App Store! It will include a fix for a critical bug affecting iPhone 6 / 6 Plus users, as well as a completely redesigned interface, full HealthKit integration, improved cruise feature, and more.

Since this update includes a critical bug fix, I’ve requested an expedited review from Apple. The app should be available to you shortly.

This will be a free update for all existing TrailMix users. If you buy TrailMix Pro now you will receive the update for free when it is available.

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    • trailmix Post author

      It’s great to hear you enjoyed the app so much you’ve used it for years. Thanks for asking about Android! While there has been progress in this area recently, there is no definite plan for an Android version as of yet. However if things change I’ll be sure to let you know.

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