TrailMix 3.0 Update

TrailMix 3.0 is now available for download.

Pro Download

Free Download

TrailMix 3.0 delivers upgraded audio and a refined interface. Includes all-new time stretching, dynamics processing, and more.

• Redesigned audio playback, improving the overall sound quality.

• Accessibility improvements.

• The “Done? See your stats” banner now shrinks when Cruise Control is active.

• Added a playback destination control and an upcoming song list to the dashboard.

• Restored a speedometer indicator that points to the original BPM.

• Updated interface for larger screen sizes.

• Performance optimizations.

• Stability improvements and bug fixes.

TrailMix 3.0 Coming Soon

A thirty-second video summarizing the new features in TrailMix 3.

TrailMix 3.0 will deliver upgraded audio and a refined interface, with all-new time stretching, dynamics processing, and more. The update is tentatively slated for a June 2020 release, and official release notes will be available at that point. Thanks for all your support!

Key Features

  • Reimagined Pace Playlist
  • Redesigned Audio
  • Large Title Support
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Next Up Queue
  • Playback Destination
  • Free Cruise Feature
  • All-new Time Stretching
  • Pro-grade Audio Limiter
  • Exceptional Audio Quality

Video Credits

Music in video is “Above All Things” by Die Hard Productions, at 112 BPM. Used under license from PremiumBeat.

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
BallZ, HUD Prefab, HUD Grid – Rado1
ItsFullOfStars, BoxedIn – Jph Wacheski
FourCornerGradient – Cynex
Ascii – movAX13h Adapted from:
TextTrueType – Ville