TrailMix 3.3 Released

TrailMix 3.3 is now available for download. Version 3.3 includes a refined speedometer that goes all the way up to 240 beats or steps per minute. This feature is perfect for high speed training, and represents an increase of sixty beats per minute over the original maximum speed of 180. The maximum speed can be toggled at the touch of a button for slower or faster workouts. The option to customize the speed limit requires the TrailMix Pro upgrade.

Release notes:

• Refined the speedometer interface.

• Added the option to choose either 180 or 240 as the speed limit. (Requires TrailMix Pro.)

• Removed the streaming workout playlist.

• Bug fixes.

TrailMix 3.2 Release Notes

February 20, 2021 – Resonant Technologies, LLC releases version 3.2 of TrailMix and TrailMix Pro. This highlight of this release is a metronome feature for runners. The metronome is state-of-the-art, with physically modeled drums, a subtle reverb effect, and evolving musical chords. The metronome beat can be adjusted to any tempo between 80 and 180 BPM or set to match your cadence automatically.

What’s New

• Added metronome functionality.

• Added a button to upgrade to the Pro version.

• Renamed the “Average Cadence” metric and the “Cadence Playlist” feature.

• Updated text that refers to the current cadence.

• Stability improvements and bug fixes.

TrailMix 3.1.2 Now Available

September 27, 2020 – Version 3.1.2 of the TrailMix and TrailMix Pro apps is now available as an automatic update.

Official Release Notes

  • Cadence detection improvements to support streaming music.
  • Speedometer interface refinements. Added indicators for the audio playback BPM, tempo status, and activity status.
  • Streaming workout playlist updates.
  • Bug fixes.

Update Highlight: Improvements to Support Streaming Music

With this update, the streaming music integration that we debuted in version 3.1 is even better. With the user’s permission, the app will synchronize the music tempo to match their cadence whenever they start walking or running, even when streaming music from the cloud.

TrailMix Version 3.1.1

August 24, 2020 – Resonant Technologies releases version 3.1.1 of the TrailMix and TrailMix Pro apps for iOS. The update is available automatically for all customers starting today.

Official Release Notes

  • Compatibility improvements for the Magic Shuffle feature.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Update Highlight: Improvements for Magic Shuffle

The compatibility improvements in 3.1.1 focus on how Magic Shuffle works when using the new streaming audio engine. The feature is now more dynamic and will activate whenever a new song plays.

In addition, we’ve improved the user interface for the Next Up queue when using Magic Shuffle with the streaming audio engine. Starting in 3.1.1, the queue is divided into two sections. The upcoming songs appear on top, with the Pace Playlist below.

TrailMix 3.1 Released, Improves Apple Music Support

TrailMix 3.1 is now available for download. The highlight feature of this release is improved integration with the Apple Music streaming service. The automatic updates for this release will be rolling out over the next week, ramping up each day until August 19, 2020. The update can be manually downloaded by all customers starting today.

Official Release Notes

  • Adds streaming music integration on supported devices running iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Adds a playback mode for seamless tempo adjustment on supported devices.
  • Adds music library icons on supported devices.
  • Disables proximity monitoring to improve usability when the device is in an armband case.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Apple Music is a trademark of Apple Inc.

TrailMix 3.0.4 Release Notes

TrailMix 3.0.4 is now available. This release focuses on improving and modernizing the music browsing experience. Official release notes follow.

• Add playlist icons on supported devices.

• Change now playing icon to have rounded edges.

• Group protected songs together.

• Performance improvements and bug fixes.