TrailMix Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Feb. 13, 2018

In iOS 10 and later, access to the music library is considered to be allowing access to private information. Not that a song can be used to personally identify you, but in theory the unique selection of songs in your library could be used as a kind of “digital fingerprint”, allowing a nefarious developer to track you from app to app. Since you must now give your permission and trust each app to have access to your music on a case-by-case basis, we wanted to use a stricter privacy policy to ensure our users are never tracked, even in the event of their home Wi-Fi network being compromised.

The actions we have taken to ensure our users remain anonymous are as follows:
– We removed all analytics software from TrailMix, whose primary purpose is tracking user activity.
– All network activity generated by the app is regularly reviewed, with a strict policy of reducing information sent over the internet.
– We use two integrations which generate network activity that are as follows:
-> Crashlytics provides us with automatic crash reporting. This is in addition to the opt-in crash reports we receive through the developer program. Basic user activity is tracked as well, i.e. number of users using TrailMix each day. We do not use “event-based” tracking, however.
-> UserVoice allows us to provide online documentation, FAQ, and allows users to get in touch with us to provide feedback. Our UserVoice integration does not track any user activity.

By using TrailMix for iOS, you acknowledge that your information will be used in strict accordance with our privacy policy, which is as follows:

The TrailMix application for iOS does not collect any personally identifying information from our users. However, the application may collect non-personally identifying information (i.e. anonymous usage statistics) such as the application version number, solely for the purpose of automatic crash reporting and/or customer service. This anonymous usage data may be stored and analyzed on a third-party server operated by one or multiple analytics providers. The information may also be shared with analytics providers for the purposes of anonymous data aggregation. However, the information will not be shared with any other parties under any circumstances, except as necessary to comply with international and US law.