Privacy Policy

Resonant Technologies protects your digital privacy. Here’s how.

• No activity tracking.

• No data collection.

• No social media buttons.

• On-device beat detection.


By using TrailMix for iOS, you acknowledge that your information will be used in strict accordance with our privacy policy, which is as follows:

TrailMix, TrailMix Pro Step to the Beat
Last updated on February 5, 2021

Information Collection and Use

All information used by the app is stored locally on your device and isn’t uploaded by TrailMix to any servers. Resonant Technologies does not use third-party analytics, nor do we collect any personal information while you’re using TrailMix.

Anonymous analytics information may be provided to us by the platform itself, if you’ve opted to share diagnostics and usage information with app developers. This and other information handled by Apple are subject to Apple’s Privacy Policy1. When you download our apps, you may also be subject to Apple’s Terms and Conditions2.


The following links are provided for your convenience:

1. Apple Privacy Policy

2. Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions